Most people I’ve talked to when trying to sell my prints have never heard of Aluminum prints. I guess it’s a new thing, but I see them all over the galleries in Waikiki. I just read one page where it said that it was invented in 2003.

The photos are printed onto a thin sheet of aluminum about 1/8″ thick. The really cool thing is that it really makes the image Pop! It’s like the metal makes the photo shine as if lit from behind.

Another cool thing about the metal prints is that they don’t need a frame. Usually when mounted on the wall, they use a float mount which makes the print stand out from the wall about an inch or less, and it makes it look like it’s floating above the wall, kind of a 3D effect. I plan to include a simple float mount with my prints and you can hang it just as easily as a regular framed photo.

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